Чтение 4 класс

1-8 вопрос
Read the text and choose : True or False.

There is a long shopping street in the centre of my town. You can see lots of shops. There is a shoe shop next to the bakery. There is a book shop between the bakery and the toy shop. The flower shop is on the left and the bike shop is on the right. There is a supermarket opposite the sweet shop. My grandma goes to the supermarket every day. She always buys milk and bread. Today she’s going to buy some vegetables, some cheese and meat. She’s going to cook the dinner in the evening.

9-16 вопросы
Read the text and choose the correct word.

On Saturday Lily is going to have a picnic with her family. They’re going to go to Rocky Island by boat. It’s summer and they’re going to wear T-shirts and shorts. They’re going to take their sunglasses, too. First their boat is going to go under the bridge and past the castle. Then it’s going to go round the island and stop at Rocky Beach. Lily and her brother are going to swim and make sandcastles. Mum and Dad are going to read magazines and talk. For lunch they’re going to have chicken sandwiches, fresh vegetables and orange juice.