Чтение 5 класс

1-5 вопрос
Read the text and choose: True or False.

Hi! I’m David. I’m 11 years old. Tomorrow I’m going to watch a football match. I’m a good student and the tickets are a present from my uncle. He’s a football fan, too. It is a very important match and my team must score, but they mustn’t kick the players. I’m sure it’s going to be an exciting match! It’s going to be cold and windy, so I’m going to wear a sweater, a jacket and trousers. At the match, I’m going to eat a hamburger and drink cola.

6-10 вопросы
Read the text. Einstein (E) or Zeus (Z)?

Albert Einstein was a great man. He was a teacher. He is famous because he was very good at Physics and Maths. He was very clever. His hair was long. At school he was not good at Maths! Zeus was a god in Ancient Greece. He was famous because he was the father of the Greek gods. He was tall and very handsome. His hair was curly. He was very clever. He was in love with lots of women.