Чтение 1-2 класс

1-6 вопрос
Read the text and choose True or False.

On the farm there is a white house. There is a little goat. There are three black horses and a brown cow. There is a big cherry tree. There is a swing next to the tree. A little boy is on the swing.

7-10 вопросы
Read the text and choose the correct words.

Hippos are big. They have little ears.
Giraffes are tall. They have long necks.
Crocodiles are long. Their mouths are big.
Rabbits are little. They have long ears.
Elephants are very big. They have big ears and long noses.

11-15 вопрос
Read the text and choose True or False.

My grandma has a little house. She has five chickens and a white horse. There is a big apple tree in her garden. Grandma has a big grey cat, too. Grandma has eggs for dinner. Her cat has fish and the horse has apples. Her chickens eat corn in the evening.

Тест “Reading” для 1-2 класса